Exercise gives your mind a boost: make it a habit Exercise gives your mind a boost: make it a habit

Some studies are trying to determine whether physical activity benefited mental health while in confinement during the pandemic. Did it help you?

The benefits of exercise on overall health have been repeated time and time again. However, the effects of exercise on mental health are currently being analyzed during quarantines and confinement resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, a study by the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja – UNIR, reported by Agencia Sinc, shows that the decrease in physical activity during this period caused an increase in psychological problems in the adult population.

“The results show that the population sought ways to practice sports using technology,” says Maria Gloria Gallego, a researcher at UNIR, in an interview with Agencia Sinc. Therefore, this is a first step in demonstrating the benefits of practicing sports in this type of situation.

Make it a routine

Set aside a space in your day to dedicate to exercise (see: 5 exercises to do at home, in 2 minutes). The Comunidad de Madrid website provides some strategies for adding minutes of activity and overcoming sedentary lifestyles. Depending on your age and medical conditions, it could include muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility sessions. And to organize your workouts:

  • Warm-up: Gently move your body to get it ready.
  • Main workout: Do the programmed groups of exercises. One idea is to use apps, video tutorials, or seek specialized training.
  • Warm down: Do stretching and relaxation exercises.


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