Exercise your bones properly Exercise your bones properly


If you want keep bones strong and healthy is through the practice of physical exercise. It is important to keep in mind that not all are good for bone structure.

Scientists at Harvard University found that the accumulation of fat in the bone marrow damages bones. Similarly, studies at the University of Northern California show that if a person manages to reduce it, it improves bone status.

Outdoor exercises that are good for bones:

Dance. There are outdoor practices such as dance, which achieve health benefits that, in addition to exercising most of the muscles of the body (including the heart), also activates neurons and brings psychotherapeutic benefits focused on emotional, cognitive, physical integration and social of the human being.

Walk. This is a cardiovascular exercise with which the body supports some of its own weight without generating great impact. That is why it is better to walk at a medium pace than to run, because this does not damage the bones.

Tai – Chi. The movements of this sport retard the loss of bone mass, especially in women who have had menopause. Likewise, it helps concentration and relaxation of the mind.

Climbing and descending stairs. This is a good strategy to burn calories and strengthen the bones of the lower body, as they work the muscles of the legs and back. It is recommended to climb simple steps or two by two, continuously and accelerated, keeping the back straight.

Keep in mind
It is recommended that after performing each exercise, a stretch is performed. This achieves greater muscle tone to better cushion the bone system.

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