Exercises for boosting your fertility Exercises for boosting your fertility

For women who want to get pregnant, stress is one of their biggest enemies. There are ways to deal with stress that not only improve people’s health, but their ability to get pregnant.

According to an article published on the ProcreaTec International Fertility Clinic website, moderate exercise can increase blood circulation, raising oxygen levels in the body and improving the chances of becoming pregnant during ovulation. Some recommended activities include:

  • Yoga. This activity involves placing the body in different poses to help you relax and relieve stress. Certain poses can help focus your attention on your reproductive system, and when done consistently, can aid in the fertilization process. Yoga also helps stimulate and strengthen the organs, as it increases blood circulation.
  • Swimming. This sport is one of the most beneficial exercises out there. Swimming tones your muscles, and improves your overall balance, resistance and flexibility (including your reproductive organs).
  • Riding a bike. In addition to its physical benefits, riding a bike also increases endorphins, creating a feeling of happiness and euphoria. This exercise helps strengthen the pelvic region and benefits blood circulation.
  • Pilates. This is a complete exercise as it works flexibility and increases muscle tone, strengthening your spine and correcting posture. This method of training is both physical and mental.

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