Exercises to increase flexibility Exercises to increase flexibility

Exercises to increase flexibility

Current living 21 October, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

An effective way to avoid injury and regain mobility after a period of inactivity is to stretch.

According to the health journal published by the University of Santander (Colombia), Salud UIS, stretching exercises not only help prevent pain and injury, they also help to increase the speed of movements in physical activities such as soccer, swimming, biking and running.

When stretching, it is important to avoid making sudden movements. According to the article, “The Duration and Frequency of Stretching” (Tiempo y frecuencia de aplicación del estiramiento muscular), in the Salud UIS journal, the recommendation is to avoid practicing this activity after a high-intensity training because it can weaken the body and especially increase the risks of a muscle injury.

Furthermore, no equipment is necessary to do these exercises; however, the use of a yoga mat or support bar can help to maintain balance and reinforce the efficiency of some exercises. The following are some techniques recommended by the University of El Valle in Colombia to help you stretch properly.

Chest and back. Sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out straight, extend your arms and place your hands parallel to your feet. Drop your head between your arms and straighten your back.

Glutes. Sitting with one leg extended on the floor, place the outside of the foot from your other leg on a support bar or hold it with your hand and bring it to your chest. Keep your back straight.

Quadriceps. Standing, take a small step forward (make sure your foot is in front of your knee) and pull-up your other foot up towards your glutes.

Chest and shoulders. Standing, extend out your arms and bring them behind the line of the chest. Bend your knees for greater stability.

Remember to rotate the stretching exercises you do to not lose flexibility in some parts of the body. Try to hold each position for at least one minute.