Exercising at home the right way Exercising at home the right way

Exercising at home the right way

Trends 15 December, 2017 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

An exercise routine that can be done at home can benefit physical and mental health.

The first recommendation offered by the physiatrist Dayra Erazo, is that since each person has different needs, it is best to see a specialist to customize a routine that fits the person’s state of mental and physical health.

It is also important for the individual to have clear goals such as losing weight, gaining muscle mass or taking care of cardiovascular health, as this can help to establish short, mid- and long-term objectives. 

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Doing 30 straight minutes of exercise, drinking plenty of water, as well as having a balanced diet are ways to help yourself adapt to the routine. “Discipline and effort are essential to following through with a routine and not giving up on it,” asserts the specialist.

The following video explains how to do basic exercises such as squats, pushups, and sit-ups with objects found at home that can be modified to use for these exercises.