Exercising for your mind Exercising for your mind

Exercising for your mind

A healthy mind 18 December, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

Exercising for 60 minutes a day is a key to our bodies being mentally and physically healthy. 

In a recent study conducted by the University of Adelaida in Australia, it was found that doing between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise a day can improve our motor skills and memory.

This study analyzed a group of adults immediately after they exercised in order to examine the elasticity of their neurons. “The more flexible the brain, the better it can reorganize itself and change the amount and strength of connections between nerve cells and the brain,” explains Michael Riddig, one of the lead professors of the study.

Multiple studies have agreed on the importance of exercise for physical health, especially in the modern world in which we live where physical inactivity is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Physical inactivity is the cause of many diseases that put our health at risk.

Whether it be 60 minutes straight or three sessions of 20 minutes each, this amount of time can compensate for the 8 hours that we generally spend sitting during the day. What is most important is to find opportunities to keep our bodies active.


Some of the alternatives for reaching this recommended level of physical activity include going out for a run in the evening, going to work by bike or taking a walk during lunch.