Expanding the benefits of our network Expanding the benefits of our network

The Clínica del Campestre in Medellín is expanding its healthcare services to users of Coomeva Private Healthcare.

This medical institution specializes in orthopedics and dermatology, as well as internal medicine and rheumatology. The new services available to Coomeva Private Healthcare affiliates includes its own pharmacy, scheduled priority appointments for general medicine, pediatric orthopedics and, coming soon, physical medicine.

“The Clínica del Campestre seeks to provide more comprehensive services specific to the musculoskeletal system, bringing in sub-specialties that are complementary to orthopedics. As for the pharmacy, it specializes in orthopedic and internal medicine medications,” says Ana María Cardona Vélez, a manager at the clinic.

Dermatology is also growing with a specialty store and cosmetology services. As Cardona affirms, “Our goal is to strengthen our orthopedic, dermatology, internal medicine and pain management services. This is part of how patients receive added value that allows them to have memorable experiences in the care of their health.”

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