Eyes under test! Eyes under test!

Eyes under test!

WITH YOUR BODY 28 March, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

There are several kinds of vision tests. Learn about some of them.

  • Distant vision test. Generally, school children and adults are tested using a graphic on the wall that contains several letter rows. Those in the upper row are the biggest ones, and those in the bottom row are the smallest ones. The individual is usually siting down or standing up at 6 meters from the graphic and is asked to cover one of his eyes and read the letters one by one. Each eye is independently tested.
  • Distant vision test for preschool children. This test uses a graphic similar to the one above, but instead of letter rows, it only has the letter E in different positions. The patient is asked to signal in the same direction than the E. Some methodologies use the letter C or images.
  • Close vision test. In this test, the patient receives a small card with written text that gets smaller on each line. The card should be held at some 14 inches from the face and read loudly. Both eyes are simultaneously tested. This test is especially made in adults older than 40 years of age, as their close vision trend to decrease with age.
  • Colour-blindness test. The minor patients receive a card with colored numbers or hidden symbols on a background of many differently colored dots. If they can read them, that means they probably don’t have problems distinguishing colors.

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