Fighting germs at home Fighting germs at home

With regards to the worldwide alert due to Covid-19, in addition to washing your hands properly and frequently, it is important to keep the spaces in your house clean.

 The website Kidshealth, from the Neumors Foundation, offers some practical cleaning advice.

–     Clean the surfaces of your house. You can do this with soap and water, preferably antibacterial or bactericide.

–     Frequently clean the objects you have the most contact with. Some examples could be door knobs, faucets, light switches, keys, cellphones, keyboards, and toys.

–     You can use household bleach or hypochlorite for cleaning, keeping the necessary safety precautions in mind.

–     For the kitchen and utensils, use soap and warm water.

–     The cleaning products you can find at the supermarket are usually safe. Nevertheless, avoid using several at the same time, as this can cause your eyes and skin to become irritated.

–     Do not make homemade concoctions or add substances to cleaning products.

–     Keep these types of products out of the reach of children.

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