Fighting misinformation Fighting misinformation

Accurate and timely communication is critical during the current global health emergency.

“Infodemic” is the term the WHO has called this growing wave of fake information in the wake of Covid-19. This spreads confusion and panic, often hindering real measures to contain the outbreak and fight the disease.

Therefore, the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and the vice-president of Tencent Healthcare, Alex Ng, are calling for solidarity and prudence, to not spread conspiracy or baseless rumors, and to always seek out reliable sources and verify the information.

“The course of the coronavirus will depend on the extent to which the correct information is made available to the people who need it,” said the director general in a statement from the Spanish newspaper El País.

On its website and social networks, the WHO publishes official and relevant information regarding Covid-19, which is available to all users.

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