Finding happiness this new year Finding happiness this new year

Julien Gustave Roche, the founder of the Be Happy Fest, sees happiness as something that anyone can access and that is easy to achieve. The key is to make decisions that lead to peace of mind.

By becoming aware that life is not about perfection, but also about times of sadness that later turn into learning experiences, you can realize that happiness is closer than you think, explains Julien Roche.

It is therefore important to keep the surprise factor in mind. As Julien Roche recommends, “In this sense, for 2019, it can be a good idea to take a trip without having everything planned and letting yourself be surprised by the places you get to know without the help of a map.”

In order to plan for a successful 2019, feeling good about what you do is key. It is therefore important to feel grateful and to see life as a set of events that complement each other, that prevent us from being perfect and from being results-driven instead of process-based.

You don’t always have to have a goal or figure to reach your dreams, or be focused on your results, as this can cause frustrations. “If we plan to get married at age 30 and have kids at age 31, and this doesn’t happen, we become sadness. This is why accepting and understanding life with all of its surprises, ups and downs help people to be happier,” he adds.

For Roche, anyone can find happiness by changing their routine, by being honest with themselves, not trying to please others and by not seeking acknowledgement from society; a state in which all decisions are based on finding peace of mind as a direct pathway to feeling more content with your life.

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