Focus on heart failure Focus on heart failure

This is a condition in which the heart is unable to efficiently pump blood to meet the body’s needs, affecting its normal function.

According to Clara Saldarriaga, a cardiologist that specializes in heart failure, this condition occurs when the heart overworks itself, which increases the body’s demand for oxygen and causes heart attacks or cardiac ischemia.

Other heart diseases or cardiometabolic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can also lead to this disease developing. The risk increases if you consider other factors such as family history, obesity, excessive alcohol use and physical inactivity, among others.

According to the web page MedlinePlus, it is critical to both know your body and the warning signs of heart failure such as changes in your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and weight. Paying attention to these signals may help prevent further complications.

Keep in mind that weight gain – especially if it occurs over 1 to 2 days – may be a sign that the body is retaining additional liquids, which could mean that the condition is worsening. The following are few additional recommendations:

  •        Avoid using cigarettes and alcohol
  •        Stay active
  •        Lose weight if you are overweight
  •        Lower your cholesterol
  •        Get enough rest, especially after exercising, eating or doing other activities. This also allows your heart to rest.

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