Focus on workplace stress Focus on workplace stress

Focus on workplace stress

Focus 3 October, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

We all experience stressful workplace situations. The key is to find the right way to deal with it.

Medical Advisor Cristian Vargas Upegui – Psychiatrist

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The way we work today leads to an increasing number of people to suffer from workplace stress. Over time, this can trigger different diseases and conditions that can affect the quality of employees’ lives, leading to symptoms of anxiety, irritability, and physical and mental exhaustion.

“As individuals, we try to balance ourselves with the environment that surrounds us. But when changes occur, or when we face challenges, this change can cause a type of stress that is only positive when the individual adapts, steps up to take on the challenge and transforms,” explains psychiatrist Cristian Vargas Upegui.

Different situations can cause this stress: having several different bosses that delegate tasks, having inconsistent schedules, bringing work home, maintaining correspondence through different forms of communication, working in a heavy work environment (where irony, heavy jokes or bullying is involved), being unsatisfied with your daily activities, having a low salary or performing activities you are not qualified for. Preventing workplace stress helps prevent mental illnesses and other conditions from developing, such as heart and muscle disorders, as well as burnout.

Know yourself and reflect

Determining whether you are genetically predisposed to certain conditions that can cause anxiety or depression, measuring your levels of irritability and knowing what habits you have picked up that can compromise a healthy lifestyle can help relieve the effects of external factors. Some helpful solutions include learning about meditation, receiving therapy, avoiding alcohol and practicing good sleep hygiene.

1 of every 5 employees suffer from stress and fatigue in Colombia. According to FASECOLDA, the number one health problem in Colombia is musculoskeletal disorders.

Protect yourself

In order to face these challenges, and prevent symptoms of stress from developing, it is important to: separate leisure time from work time, exercise, set short and long-term goals, know how to deal with conflict by finding the best solution, practice techniques on being assertive, plan for the tasks that lie ahead and manage your emotions.

1974 was the year in which the term “burnout” was first used, which can lead to a lack of productivity.

2 to 3 times a day is how often employees should take time to relax that can help them recharge, reduce stress and get a fresh perspective.

A good working environment

Fostering a good work environment and feeling good in the workplace is essential. Rumors of layoffs are one of the factors that can have the most negative effect on a workplace. This is why having direct conversations with your immediate boss is so important, so that information flows. (Read also: It’s about you, It’s about your health).

Workplace harassment can happen from bosses to their subordinates, from employees to their superiors or between colleagues. Whatever the situation may be, addressing it directly is essential to avoiding its consequences and to taking appropriate measures to resolve it.