Follow these advices when using earphones Follow these advices when using earphones

An 85 or more decibels sound can damage your hearing. The cellular phone earphone, for example, can reach 105 decibels.

The Health and Human Services Department, of the United States of America, makes the following recommendations:

  • Try to use your cellular phone no more than one hour a day. Regularly rest.
  • Configure the devices in which you use earphones, for them to reproduce their sound at a level lower than 60% of highest volume.
  • Avoid using a single earphone because it makes hearing difficult, which is generally compensated by increasing the volume.

Take into account

Whether using earphones over your outer ear or inside your ear, the ideal is that the outside noises don’t filter and oblige you to rise the volume. However, it is important in case you are moving, to be able listen to the surrounding sounds produced by cars, people, bicycles, etc., in order to maintain your security too.

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