Foods exist that regulate blood pressure, learn about them Foods exist that regulate blood pressure, learn about them

Suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure increases the possibility of heart attacks, brain vascular accidents or kidney failure.

The Heart Spanish Foundation and de medical portal MedlinePlus lists 4 foods that help you to maintain blood pressure under control.

  1. Lemon. Its role as a natural diuretic favors the elimination of retained liquids. Likewise, it has depurative properties and is rich in vitamin C.
  2. Celery. This vegetable helps improving blood circulation thanks to a compound that relaxes the muscles around the arteries, facilitating the blood flow and amplifying the blood vessels.
  3. Banana. This fruit contains potassium that is in charge of eliminating water in the kidney. Other ingredients rich in this mineral are sweet basil, soy, nuts, and pistachios.
  4. Onion and garlic. In one hand, the onion favors the dilatation of blood vessels, assuring a good circulation and, as it contains antioxidants, protects the artery’s walls against aging. The garlic possesses similar properties, and in addition purifies the blood.

Take into account

The heart exercises pressure on the arteries for them to lead blood to the different organs in the human body. This action is known as blood pressure. The maximal pressure is obtained at each heart contraction, and the minimal pressure is obtained at each heart relaxation.

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