For a moderate consumption of alcohol For a moderate consumption of alcohol

For a moderate consumption of alcohol

Trends 15 July, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Much has been said regarding the benefits that a glass or two of wine can have on a person’s health. Several studies have proven it, but the benefits respond precisely to the number of glasses indicated. Alcohol in higher doses can cause unwanted side effects that can end up endangering our health.

So if you still have questions about the different consequences of excessive liquor consumption, here are the main advantages of consuming alcohol in moderate amounts:

You will stay fit. Most liquors have a high calorie content, which is why consuming large amounts of liquor will surely lead to weight gain. A beer has 140 calories, a glass of wine has 144 calories and a shot of aguardiente has 106 calories.

• Reduced risk of chronic diseases. Excessive liquor consumption is a trigger for diseases long­term diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, liver cirrhosis and various cancers.

• You will sleep better. Although alcohol induces sleep and increases deep sleep, the truth is that when consume it in excess, it can affect your sleep’s duration and continuity, as it ends up being interrupted easily, according to the London Sleep Centre in a study in which it proved that liquor reduces REM sleep and can cause insomnia.

Recommended intake:

Women: up to a glass of wine per day.

Men: no more than 2 units a day.

You should under no circumstances drink more than 4 units or glasses of liquor, as this can be harmful to your health.

If you have a disease or are receiving any treatment consult with your doctor.