Even though more women are expressing their potentiality Even though more women are expressing their potentiality

Even though women express their potential, one must incentivize them to become leaders in a fairer world that can grow in the social, economic and family spheres.

Medical advisor Claudia María Moreno Gómez  
Psychologist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare


Some people assert the women have the power to transform what they touch with just their bare intuition.This statement is not far from the truth. In fact, as many studies and social analysis point out – women do well when they have the possibility of leading work teams because they are endowed with managing easily to make others accompany them in reaching their objectives.

It is more natural for men to promote collaborative spaces, the spirit of women characterizes by their power of persuasion. According to Psychologist Claudia María Moreno Gómez women’s leadership stands out for a set of skills oriented to decision-making, problem solving, delegation of tasks, among others. This allows for great performance when they engage in scenarios where they must lead.

“Women are considered to have greater potential for assembling work groups given their human qualities, their personal treatment, their social skills and the facility to generate spaces for professional and personal cooperation, “ expresses Moreno Gómez.

Inquiries into the market of feminine potential in positions of power also assert that those companies that open opportunities for them to hold positions of leadership increase their productivity. A study by the McKinsey & Company concluded that in 2014 those companies in which women held the higher executive posts recorded the highest performance in all aspects of organizational efficiency.

In contrast the International Work Organization estimates that, currently, women occupy 21% of all directive posts worldwide. Nonetheless, as indicated by Women UN, “When the number of occupied women increases, economies grow.”

Promoting their skills

What we mentioned above results in organizations enhancing egalitarian conditions for both men and women and in promoting enhancement of the capacity of women to lead.

“Feminine leadership opens the door to the working life of women. It is not only about the importance of one over the other, but also how to generate spaces for cooperation where the objectives of a collectivity get tuned up and efforts are joined together to promote the collective wellbeing and not just of some specific areas,” adds the psychologist.

According to their experience, egalitarian principles can be strengthened because the path to giving it its importance has been paved in all social spheres and is leading to several reflections.

Likewise, women can act to channel and maximize their capacity to lead, above all, concentrating on the emotional component. “The social skills in women due to their capacity to express their feelings, cannot be mistaken for a lack of objectivity when it comes time to determine certain concrete activities that affect the development of team work. This is why it is important to learn to channel the components that can participate on equal terms with men in both social and work life. The world will be more ready to use their power of transformation, for the common good.”

The strengths of a woman who is a leader involve emotional intelligence into action. This is an issue that is gaining importance in the selection of human talent.

 76% is the amount of increase in income if the gap in employment is closed, according to Women UN.


Enhancing one’s own capacity to lead

Psychologist Claudia Moreno affirms that as a function of their skills the following guidelines can promote the capacity to lead.

  • Planning of small goals to maximize the more ambitious ones
  • Watching out for the capacities of team members so that the weaknesses of some can be the strengths of others and talent can be thus compensated.
  • Avoid underestimating effort and maximize resources.
  • Take advantage of emotional intelligence to obtain assertiveness and to get more fluid communication channels among team members.
  • Learn to make decisions more rapidly and precisely, according to need.
  • Know how to generate a space in which participation is done by conviction, healthy competition, without egotism, mistreatment or discredit of some people.     

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