Four tips to preventing pink eye Four tips to preventing pink eye

Conjunctivitis (or pink eye) is a comment eye condition, especially during the summer. Learn what causes it and how it can be prevented.

According to the website MedlinePlus, the most common cause of pink eye is related to contact with the chlorine in swimming pools and, to a lesser extent, sea salt from the ocean. This is because microorganisms reproduce more easily in moist environments. The following are a few tips to help prevent this condition:

  1. Use goggles. Create a barrier for your eyes to help prevent this infection. Remember that the chlorine of a swimming pool not only causes eye irritation and pink eye, it is also an environment conducive to the development of keratitis (inflammation of the cornea).
  2. Keep your eyewear clean. According to the World Health Organization, improper cleaning or sleeping with contact lenses causes bacteria to grow, which can damage the cornea.
  3. Take care of your eyelids. Eyelids protect your eyes from injury and contaminants such as microorganisms, bleach and cosmetic products. To protect your eyelids, use a cotton swab and clean them with a saline solution that is designed for that area. The Colombian Association of Dermatology recommends doing this twice a week or after spending a day in the pool or at the beach.
  4. Use quality cosmetics. Makeup products for the eyes such as eyeliners, mascara and eye shadow can cause allergies and irritation as well as conjunctivitis, sties or dry eyes. Be sure these products are hypoallergenic.

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