Free your mind during isolation Free your mind during isolation

This time at home is an opportunity to activate your mind by doing different activities.

In addition to doing exercise to keep your body moving, it is also important to think about your mental health during these days in quarantine and about all the possibilities you have at home for your wellbeing.  With this in mind, the Spanish Society of Psychiatry recommends the following activities:

Stay socially connected: Dedicate one hour each day to connect virtually with friends, play with your children in the living room, call your mother or grandmother, or talk with your significant other about different topics. This will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Learn a new language: Now that you have more time available at home as well as the technological resources, you can dedicate a few hours per week to resuming that English course you started or learning a few key words in another language of your interest.

Restart things you had forgotten: Based on your interests, you can give life to the ideas you left behind, finish a book you had started, finish a virtual course you were interested in or practice making your grandmother’s recipes together with your family.

Connect yourself with art: Spark new talents and hobbies through music and art.  Start by painting, making mandalas, playing a musical instrument, or drawing your feelings on paper.

Time to meditate: On a daily basis, dedicate some time to connect exclusively with your spirituality through practicing yoga, deep meditation, and exercises that allow you to enjoy the present.

According to the Mayo Clinic, in order not to fall into anxiety or depression, which is normal during this isolation period, it is important to keep positive thoughts at the center of your attention, know how to identify sudden mood swings, and follow a healthy lifestyle that will benefit your mental health.

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