Fruits, allies to your health Fruits, allies to your health

Incorporating a variety of fruits into your daily diet, and into that of your family, will reduce the risk of severe illness.

The nutritional advantages of fruits are well known, though according to the WHO, in addition to providing essential substances for your body to function properly, it has also been discovered that daily consumption can prevent so called noncommunicable diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

The World Health Organization indicates that the most recommended amount of daily consumption is 400 grams, which can be spread out over different times and in varying portions. Mornings are the best time for fruit consumption to inject calories and nutrients that provide the energy needed to undertake the day’s activities without resorting to eating sugary foods. A healthy and controlled diet that includes the consumption of fruits can also help to reduce the risk of obesity, which can oftentimes lead to other types of diseases if untreated.

Fruits that cannot be missed:

  • Oranges: begin the day with plenty of vitamin C and fiber that will improve your digestive system.
  • Apples: contain a sufficient number of calories and are excellent antioxidants. They also improve oral health by reducing the amount of bacteria and regulating pH levels in the mouth.
  • Avocados: provide the body with essential nutrients and their greatest benefit is their healthy fats that help to regulate cholesterol.
  • Kiwis: produce the greatest amount of vitamin C and E, as well as the potassium that is essential for the human body.

This variety of fruits will not only provide your day-to-day with the necessary charge of nutrients but also complement it with the preparation of salads or smoothies that will make each day among family special and full of energy.

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