Frustrations help to understand the importance of patience Frustrations help to understand the importance of patience

It is part of the growing process for teens to become frustrated and feel like the world has come to an end because they did not accomplish what they wanted. This same feeling can occur in childhood and adulthood.

According to psychologist Jorge Hernán López, dealing with frustration is a life skill and is one of the keys to success, which is why it is important to work on and strengthen this skill as if it were any other muscle in your body. When someone who has control of their life and accepts that they have problems and limitations in certain situations, this eliminates feelings and behaviors when goals are not achieved such as rage, anger, depression, incapability, irritation, discouragement and abandonment. See also How do video game advertisements impact children?

If these feelings do not go away, it is important for the patient to seek help and to strive to understand that having patience can be their best ally. Clinical psychologist Silvia Russek gives some guidelines on overcoming our frustrations:

  •         Channel your efforts and energy in achieving another goal.
  •         Have a plan B.
  •         Identify the mistakes or causes that prevented you from reaching your goal.
  •         Avoid making the same mistake twice.
  •         Reflect on whether your emotional reactions are exaggerated. Try to see things from another perspective.

Focus on finding an appropriate solution and not on what is making you upset. This will pass and you will be compensated later on.