Fuel your brain Fuel your brain

Fuel your brain

Grandparents 29 November, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

The study “The Disconnected Mind” by Ian Deary, professor at the University of Edinburgh, found that only a fourth of the cognitive decline in aging individuals is related to genetics. The remaining three-fourths are related to lifestyle. 

This author explains that just as there are ways for your muscles to grow through diet and exercise, there are also ways to keep the main functions of the brain sharp. Deary makes the following recommendations to prevent this organ from deteriorating.

  • Constantly learn new things: The brain needs to be stimulated, needs challenges and needs new goals. This requires being willing to learn new things, whatever they may be; from dancing to painting.
  • Have a positive attitude: Attitude is everything. Being motivated and interested in discovering new things is the antidote to preventing mental decline.
  • Be social: Seeing your friends and participating in community groups has a healthy impact on the brain.
  • Keep stress away: This is the brain’s number-one enemy. Constantly being exposed to the neuroendocrine response of this stimulus is considered harmful, as this hormone accumulates and can cause problems to how the brain functions over time.
  • Get good sleep: This is not just part of your daily routine, it is something that is fundamental to your physical and emotional health.