Full awareness, key for concentration Full awareness, key for concentration

The sensation of being unable of completing the minimal task without distractions is very common. This produces stress and a sensation of impotence.

Experts from the Mayo Clinic  state that a disperse thought or mental distraction affects everybody. The studies on the issue verify that almost half of the time, people think on things different from those they are performing. The fact is that when succumbing to distraction, stress occurs, uneasiness is promoted and it can even lead to depression, feeling that what is required for working or daily activities is not being fulfilled.

A way to progress and develop concentration is what is called full awareness, and consists in being conscious at any time of where you are and what you are doing. The brain can be trained for being more aware, which requires practice. Two tips below for achieving it:

  • Stretching and breathing exercises. They are part of training for reducing stress and improve full awareness.
  • Meditation. Promotes positive and focused thought. Activities such as yoga make those who practice it to feel less stressed and even more optimistic.

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