Get variety from the proteins you eat Get variety from the proteins you eat

Proteins include a wide variety of both plant and animal-based foods. It is all too common, however, for people to always eat the same foods. 

Proteins are essential to our daily diets. The amount of protein recommended for adults and children over age nine and is between 5 and 7 ounces a day. The following tips will help you include different foods that can serve as sources of protein in your diet to help you meet the nutritional requirements recommended above.

  1. Experiment with different dishes such as salads or casseroles made with pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lentils or other beans.
  2. Eat seafood two times a week. In addition to being good sources of protein, salmon, trout and tuna are also rich in healthy fats that are good for your heart.
  3. To maintain a healthy nutrition and to avoid any risk to the health of your heart, it is recommended to eat just one egg a day. Only the yolk contains saturated fats, so you can eat as many egg whites as you want.
  4. Include more vegetable-based proteins such as pinto beans, peas, soy products, nuts and seeds. These are naturally low in saturated fats and are high in fiber.
  5. Salt-free nuts or seeds are a good way to replace meats in main dishes. They also work well as appetizers or in salads.
  6. Some protein-rich foods are also significant sources of fat. The suggestion is to try cooking methods such as grilling or baking and not add any additional fats.