Getting your self-esteem back Getting your self-esteem back

Feeling inferior to others is a sign of a lack of self-love. If you feel this way, it is time to boost your self-confidence and work on respecting yourself.

According to the Colombian College of Psychologists (Colpsic), developing positive self-esteem is a task that must be done on a daily basis. “Just how you exercise the body, it is also important to stimulate the mind and keep it active and alert,” they explain on their website.

The following are some of Colpsic’s suggestions for developing positive self-esteem:

Learn to say “NO.” A result of being insecure, people with low self-esteem are hesitant to turn down favors that are asked of them or to refuse taking on tasks at work that do not correspond to them. This can affect all forms of personal relationships.

Focus on the big picture. A person with strong self-esteem will not have problems listening to criticisms of themselves. In fact, they can accept them and even learn from them.

Accept each other for who they are in relationships. People that consider themselves inferior to others tend to manifest this belief in the form of jealousy. In this case, it is important to value the other person’s qualities, just how they are. Self-love also plays a vital role. Ask yourself the following question: If I don’t consider myself “good enough,” how will others manage to see my greatness?

Talk with your friends (face to face, without a screen). While social networks have created and reconnected a lot of friendships, which is a good thing, don’t forget the importance of having direct contact with others in order to create strong relationships. Actions such as looking at another person eye-to-eye, having time to cry, venting or exchanging a smile in the company of another is key to developing self-esteem.

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