Going back to the office in times of Covid-19 Going back to the office in times of Covid-19

Nowadays returning to work can cause fear for many and joy for others. Here we analyze the pros and cons.

 Although the number of infections continues to increase in some parts of the world and coronavirus remains latent, the economy and jobs are gradually being reactivated, following biosafety protocols. But even though keeping a job is the priority for many people, the truth is that health contingencies cause fear for others who are afraid to leave their homes.

In light of this, governments, employers, and territorial entities have established policies and guidelines for a return to work under safe conditions that minimize the risk of contagion, although according to statistics presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), only one in six people who contract Covid-19 develop a serious condition.

According to Elena Daprá, clinical psychologist and expert in coaching, in an interview for EFE Salud, “fear of coronavirus is not irrational, it makes sense and is adaptive, because there is a real danger. What fear does is warn us of danger. It’s not bad to be afraid, but you have to know how to manage your fear. If you are afraid to return to work in person, ideally you should discuss it with your boss or with the health and safety department at work and ask for help.

Also, the National Government, through the Ministry of Labor, provides a series of recommendations for having safer working environments:

  • Repeat self-care measures to make them a habit. Avoid relaxing in common spaces such as cafeterias.
  • If you are going to have a long meeting, make sure the space is well ventilated.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to your risk of exposure.
  • Keep work surfaces clean, such as keyboards, phones, mouse, cell phones, doorknobs and handles, control panels, etc.
  • Do not share personal protective equipment.
  • Reinforce measures for frequent and adequate hand washing.

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