Green spaces for wellbeing Green spaces for wellbeing

Contact with nature helps people disconnect from a busy lifestyle and social networks, providing great benefits for mental health.

According to the news agency Sinc, several studies associate frequent visits to places such as forests and natural parks with benefits such as a decrease in cognitive deterioration and aging; they also help to combat the risk of developing metabolic illnesses.

Two studies from the World Health Institute of Barcelona, published in the Environmental International journal, dig deeper into the mechanisms of this positive impact by analyzing the relationship between exposure to fresh air and the population’s wellbeing. “Perceiving more greenery and spending more time in these areas for health-related activities, such as exercise, impacts our state of mind,” comments Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, lead researcher.

In addition to having an important effect on emotional responses, these green spaces also contribute to people exercising, participating in social gatherings, and getting away from their everyday life.

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