Guidelines for home care of pain of the fingers Guidelines for home care of pain of the fingers

Pain of the fingers can be caused by lesions or physical affectation.

Sensitivity, stinging sensation, rigidity, numbness, tingling, cold temperature, swelling, change in skin color and redness are symptoms that may present with pain of hands and feet. Nevertheless, lesions of the fingers are more commonly the result of practicing contact sports such as football, baseball, recreational activities such as skiing, using machines at home or at work, cooking, cleaning or repairing, falling or carrying out repetitive movements such as writing on a keyboard.

A study from Washington University, in the United States, offers basic home care recommendations to alleviate and avoid pain.

  • Remove any rings if there is swelling.
  • Let the articulations of the affected finger rest so it can heal
  • Apply ice and keep your finger in an elevated position
  • Use analgesics sold without prescription to reduce pain and inflammation
  • If necessary, bandage the affected finger with the neighboring finger. This helps protect the healthier extremity. Do not over tighten the bandage as it could cut the blood flow.
  • If swelling presents or persists for more than a day, consult with a specialist. Small fractures or spraining of the ligaments or tendons could be the cause.

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