Gyms: more than just a place to exercise Gyms: more than just a place to exercise

Losing weight and staying in shape are part of the motivation for going to these places. So is going to meet people who share the same interests. 

Advisor Mónica María Guarín Hoyos – Trainer.

Going to the gym is a good option for those who want to have a more dynamic lifestyle and want to lead a more active workout routine. It is also a healthy alternative for youth. Many people join these facilities to lose weight and tone their muscles as they can easily find all the tools they need there to exercise.

If you are not careful, however, this experience can turn into a negative one; leaving behind serious consequences that can affect the development and wellbeing of the body.

Surprisingly, gyms are not just about doing exercise. They are also about getting to know people with similar interests or having a good time. When you are at the gym, there are important factors to consider in order to have a positive experience.

For trainer Mónica María Guarín Hoyos, one of the most common errors that people make when they begin a workout regime, is that they do not realize that they are not the same as everybody else. Their metabolism is different and they have different physical abilities. Their results will therefore be different and are a direct result of individuals’ needs and characteristics.

“Sometimes instructors are not even aware of how clients are doing an exercise and because of this lack of knowledge, that person can injure themselves. The other outcome is that even if the workout routine is repeated over time, people will not get results they expect. This is how many people end up in more pain than from benefiting from its positive effects,” Guarín explains.

Gyms are also opportunities for people to escape the distractions of their home or work life, making exercise their priority.

This is a space for people who share the same goals of playing sports, getting into shape and feeling good, and it helps motivate people to establish a regular routine with greater enthusiasm.

It is also a space where all the equipment needed to maximize your exercise regime is available to you, helping to prevent the boredom of doing the same monotonous exercise. These tools allow you to alternate your methods and rhythm of exercise to attain better results without having to depend on the same online workout videos or having to run down the same streets every day.

It is very important to realize that if the individual’s goal is to lose weight and tone their body, exercise is not a solution in itself. They must also consult with a nutritionist that can help guide them to meeting their individual needs.

“Trainers are not qualified to provide recommendations on diet or on specific eating habits. They are responsible for helping you exercise and gain flexibility, resistance and strength. A nutritionist or dietician, however, teaches people how to have a proper diet,” Guarín states.

The consumption of dietary supplements without medical advice can be harmful to your health and may also affect the expected results of a workout regime. Many people begin to take steroids and amino acids without the advice of a specialist. This behavior can negatively influence your health and can lead to heart and liver disease.

When you join a gym, your regime should include the expertise support of a variety of different healthcare professionals. This lifestyle should represent a positive change in your everyday life, not lead to becoming ill or injured.

3 or 4 days a week of exercise boosts muscle growth and muscle tone.

Fungus among us!

  • Due to the moisture that accumulates in these spaces, fungus can breed on gym equipment, and in their bathrooms and dressing rooms. This is a result of the sweat that evaporates off people combined with showers being taken, leading some microorganisms to spread and to the possibility of coming into contact with different infections.
  • To avoid catching a fungal infection, use your own towel to wipe off any perspiration and use disposable towels to sanitize equipment.
  • Be sure to use proper workout clothes; garments that breathe and allow you to sweat. Change out of this clothing as soon as you finish exercising.