Make your home a child-safe space Make your home a child-safe space

While we tend to think that the home is where children are most protected, almost half of all accidents that happen to children under age five take place here. 

This is especially true during school breaks, when children spend most of their time at home, often alone, while their parents work.

The most common accidents are falls, however, poisonings from the ingestion of medications or chemical products are also common. Consider the following recommendations to keep your home a safe place:

  • Accesses to balconies, windows or decks should have locks that prevent children from entering them easily. It is also best to be cautious about keeping chairs or other pieces of furniture away from them that makes it easy to access these spaces.
  • Guardrails or handrails that are the right height for children will protect them from stairways and windows that are close to the ground.
  • Use non-slip rugs or mats, especially in slippery areas such as bathrooms.
  • Use outlet covers to protect children from electrical outlets.
  • Store medications in spaces that are difficult for children to access.
  • Keep chemical and toxic products far from the reach of children and ideally, keep them in containers and cabinets with childproof locks.