Hair removal: choose the option that is right for you Hair removal: choose the option that is right for you

Hair removal: choose the option that is right for you

Self-Care 29 May, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Different hair removal methods can fit the needs of every individual and their skin type.

These methods are always changing, improving and adapting to fit people’s needs. “Laser beam treatment is painful, whereas pulsed light treatments are more tolerable, so there are several alternatives to meet your needs,” explains cosmetologist Catalina Hurtado. While there are many options, it is important to choose a method that you have researched and avoid regrets in the long term:

Razors: Every area we shave is different, requiring that we use different movements when we use a razor. For example, it is not the same to shave your chest as it is your beard. To protect the skin, apply shaving cream before you shave.

Advantage: It is fast and you can do it at home.

Disadvantage: Hair grows back immediately.

Hair removal cream: This is a painless treatment that is applied on the skin. Follow the steps that come on the package or that are specific to the brand regarding how much time it should be applied for. Application is simple.

Advantage: It is easy to use and can be removed in the shower.

Disadvantage: It also does not last long.

Electric razor: This method lasts about three weeks and of the simplest forms of hair removal, it is the one that lasts the longest.

Tip: there are also electric hair removal devices that use a plucking system to remove the hair from the root. Before using this method, exfoliate the skin as cysts tend to develop on the skin.

Waxing: This is an efficient method. There are three types of waxing methods that are used for different types of skin: warm, cold and hot (which is the most efficient type).

Advantage: This is an efficient method for eliminating large quantities of hair all at once.

Disadvantage: When the waxing strip is used to remove the hair, this can be painful.

Laser: This method is permanent and efficient because it eliminates hair at its root in just a few sessions. This method takes place at aesthetic clinics that have the modern tools and equipment to perform laser hair removal.

Advantage: Leaves your skin hair-free for long periods of time (permanently in many cases), and allows you to remove hair in many different areas.

Disadvantage: A burning or stinging sensation during the first few sessions.