Hands up for HIV prevention Hands up for HIV prevention

Hands up for HIV prevention

Armony in health 1 December, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

While there is still no cure, so much progress has been made with HIV treatments that someone who receives an early diagnosis can live an almost normal life. 

The problem continues to be the lack of awareness in preventing its infection, which in most cases is in our own hands.

As the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV, UNAIDS, has stated in its World AIDS Day campaign HIV, prevention efforts must increase greatly if we want to reach the goal of putting an end to this epidemic by 2030. This day is an opportunity for us as citizens to think of the initiatives and mechanisms that are needed to strengthen this disease’s prevention efforts.

Social aspects such as the empowerment, inclusion and rights of women and girls are keys to ensuring that this goal is reached. The main form of prevention that needs improvement is applying the use of condoms. Other preventative measures include: avoiding sharing syringes and needles with others, the use of sterile instruments for piercing the skin, the use of certain medications when there is a high risk of transmitting the disease (such as with cases in which the partner is infected with the disease), voluntary male circumcision, preventing the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children and diagnostic tests as a form of early detection.

While we are aware of many methods of prevention, economic and social barriers continue to surround this issue, in addition to mental barriers. This is why we are invited to raise our awareness, and as the slogan of the current campaign states, raise our hands up for HIV prevention.

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