Health in your hands Health in your hands

Health in your hands

CORPORATE 4 April, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

You can generate greater wellbeing from your work environment. Introduce yourself to Salutogenesis.

Advisor Sandra Yanira Ocampo Sarmiento
Coomeva Prepaid Medicine National Manager of Human Administration in the Health Division

These are the big questions that Salutogenesis seeks to answer: how can we keep healthy? Why can one person stay healthy and another cannot even as they are in the same circumstances? This concept of Salutogenesis proposes a change in the paradigm of health as it seeks to go beyond the origin and cure of disease, to invite each person to participate and be responsible for his wellbeing through preventive measures, knowledge of his life history and awareness of the habits he wishes to modify to benefit his wellbeing.

In other words, each person has the ability to improve his own health and his quality of life. Salutogenesis is a term approached from the different programs for Promotion and Prevention as established by the medical population of Colombia in the framework of public health.  It is an integral part of the strategies in the Human Administration areas. Thus, through actions to promote self-care among collaborators with long-term impact it has determined that health depends on each worker (co-responsibility).  This allots him a protagonist role so that he can bring awareness and be self-critical about his behavior in such important areas as nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, appropriate rest among others.

For companies the issue of absenteeism from illness is continuous concerns in two directions: the first involves preventive action and, the second one, the way to improve the state of health of people suffering from disease. This seeks to transcend the measurements of the index rates and only taking corrective actions for impact that frequently have only short term effects.

This is why Salutogenesis is an alternative that facilitates employee’s approach to a different and innovative methodology. It is possible to foresee that with articulated actions, this theory not only intervenes in the state of health of the individual but also influences his degree of motivation and commitment with his work. This entire scheme allows for the construction of an environment where positive experiences are shared as well as a shared and improved vision of the future involving a team and not simply the traditional employees-employer scheme.

Take into account

Human Administration seeks to leverage Salutogenesis from several disciplines to get collaborators to resume control of their health and to find the tools to administer their life in a positive way. This has repercussions on the work and personal spheres and also on the general ambiance of a company.