Healthy habits increase your well-being Healthy habits increase your well-being

Healthy habits increase your well-being

Armony in health 27 July, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Living “well” or “badly” depends on each person, their way of being, of seeing and living life.

Each individual sees the world from their own perspective and this is what ultimately determines their habits and the ways they tackle their every day life, with all of its tasks and responsibilities.

Jordí Duque, life coach, believes that acquiring good habits is possible, and that you can put an end to those that harm your body and emotional health. “By making changes in your habits and introducing new ones, your thoughts will generate different neural connections that will begin to transform the way you act,” he said. (See Form a new habit in just 21 days).


Duque invites people to do the following exercise: make a list of the attitudes and practices that improve your well-being, then do the same with those that are not good for you, so that that you can assess and re-balance your daily life and make decisions that allow you to grow personally and professionally.

“When we choose to change something in our lives it’s because that thing is making us feel dissatisfied and we desire greater well-being. The most important thing for us to be able to do this is to have the motivation to do it. If we do not have it, we’ll lose our momentum, “said Duque.

“How do you want to live? What do you need to do to make your life better? Those are the questions you should begin asking yourself in order to start making decisions, if what you seek is to improve your well-being”.