Healthy workplace environments Healthy workplace environments

Workplaces that provide employees with positive physical, psychological and social conditions promote good health and a safe environment.

For the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the World Health Organization recommends six healthy habits to implement in the office:

  1. Take short breaks to leave your work station, like to go to the washroom or have a coffee, and try to use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. Schedule time for socializing during the work day. This improves the workplace atmosphere, builds a sense of belonging to the company and supports relationships between colleagues.
  3. Take active breaks for periodic stretching and movement of the joints. This is beneficial to health and prevents musculoskeletal trauma.
  4. Make changes to the daily routine that do not affect work but that allow employees to see the workplace in a new light in terms of how work stations are organized and the sequence in which tasks are carried out.
  5. Respect the schedule of activities; in other words, do not interrupt rest breaks, meal breaks or socializing time with work activities. Read also: The effects of work stress
  6. Follow company work health and safety recommendations, like learning where the meeting point is located in case of an emergency.