Help little ones to care their dental health Help little ones to care their dental health

Not only to look nice on a picture. The teeth are key pieces of buccal and total health of any individual.

Did you know that a denture in bad condition can result in more serious health problems? Infectious processes in the mouth can cause from tonsillitis to very serious cardiopathies, pointed out Miguel Valencia Gonzalez, director of the clinic of dental specialties in the Institute of State Workers Security and Social Services (ISWSSS) to EFE. They not only impact the whole body but self-esteem too, a reason why prevention is key since childhood.

For a good dental health care, Valencia Gonzalez recommended the parents to avoid giving their children industrialized food rich in sugar, such as juices and soft beverages or fritters. He also recommended to make them wash their teeth after each consumption of food; go to a preventive dental visit, starting at six months of age and each six months.

Habits are key for taking a good care of teeth since early age. To help kids, follow these recommendations in the Kids Health portal:

  •   Brush all your teeth, not only the front ones. Ask your dentist, or any one responsible for dental hygiene, how to reach your back teeth.
  •    The ideal is to brush your teeth several times a day, but if not possible, at least in the morning and before going to bed.
  •   It is important to incorporate, since childhood, the use of dental floss. Although at the beginning the little ones can feel it somewhat rare, along time they get used to remove residues between their teeth.
  •    Do not forget to brush your tongue for having a fresh halitus.

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