Help you teenager child to manage stress Help you teenager child to manage stress

The way to adult age is no easy and can include stressing challenges to any young individual.

Balancing time to comply with school duties and also enjoy yourself, having problems with friends and suffering bulling, becoming sexually active and being pressed to do so, experimenting body changes and having negative thoughts about oneself, are some of the frequent situation giving rise to stress in young people. The web site MedlinePlus offers some recommendations to teenagers’ parents for them to identify stress in their children and support them in managing such situations better.

How does stress manifest?

You can notice that your child is not taking part in social activities, performs irritably or angry, has problems to sleep or, on the contrary, sleeps too much. Likewise, he/she excessively eats or doesn’t sufficiently eat, looks tired, without energy and frequently cries.

How to accompany him/her?

–  Try to have an open communication, show interest for him/her and make questions. Do not interrupt with advices, unless your child so requests and do not resolve his/her problems either.

–  Try to spend time with him/her and perform activities that unite you both.

– Give him/her reasons for performing enjoying and sporting activities, such as yoga, dancing, rock mounting or swimming.

–  Be attentive to his/her sleep hygiene, as a teenager needs a lot of rest, at least 8 hours a day and stress can be more complicated to manage if he/she doesn’t sleep well.

–  Teach him/her skills for managing his/her basic tasks, such as making lists, dividing tasks, etc.

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