Help your child strengthen his or her self-esteem Help your child strengthen his or her self-esteem

Cultivating your children’s love and respect for themselves will allow them to develop the skills they need to face daily challenges and feel happier.

From their first years of life, children nurture their self-esteem with loving care and attention from their parents. When children feel their parents’ support, they dare to explore new things and acquire the strength they need to deal with frustration. As your children grow, these signs of support will allow them to be more autonomous, confident, and social.

Even though every child is different, and for some it’s easier to boost their self-esteem than others, it is important to provide your child with tools to help them increase their self-esteem, as recommended on the website Kids Health:

● Encourage them to learn new things, as it is an opportunity for them to strengthen their self-confidence.

● When you teach them how to do something, make sure you explain step-by-step and let your child try several times until they achieve the goal. That way they will recognize the meaning of facing a challenge.

● Praise their efforts without overdoing it. Keep in mind that it is better to applaud their progress and good attitude than focus on numeric results such as grades.

● Correct them with patience, and avoid using negative language. When children hear strong words about themselves, they easily internalize them.

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