Hey teens from around the world, “Get exercising!” Hey teens from around the world, “Get exercising!”

The WHO is calling on all youth between ages 11 and 17 to increase their physical activity.

In a recent study conducted by researchers from the World Health Organization and published in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, over 80% of school-age teens from 146 countries around the world do not meet the minimum recommended levels for physical activity a day. This is why it has become necessary to promote making exercise a habit in order to care for your current and future health.

But fostering awareness in children starts at home. Just as with sports, there are certain daily activities – that when they are appropriate for the physical resistance levels of each individual – use just as much or more energy and can be counted as time spent doing exercise. The MedlinePlus website recommends the following:

  • Walk or bike to school
  • Take your dog out for a walk
  • Play in a body of water, such as in the pool of an apartment complex
  • Go out dancing
  • Do housework (sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floors)
  • Opt for video or computer games that involve moving your whole body

60 minutes of moderate physical activity a day is the recommended amount for teens.

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