How can the color blue benefit your mental health? How can the color blue benefit your mental health?

Take into account your surroundings and their colors, as they can be helpful for your peace of mind. Here we tell you all about it.

Physical activity is an important routine that should be done throughout your life. However, where you exercise is just as important as exercise. The United Nations says that 55% of the world’s population currently lives in cities or urban centers, where spaces that benefit mental health are generally not abundant.

According to research by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) reviewed by the SINC Agency, it was found that walks or walks in environments where the color blue predominates, mainly those with water, such as beaches, lakes, rivers, or springs, help to significantly improve mood.

To determine this, the research team collected data from 59 people who “walked 20 minutes per day for one week in an area with the color blue (which in this case was the beach in Barcelona). Another week, they walked in an urban area, and another week they rested inside,” states the report. Then, based on questionnaires and parameters such as blood pressure and heart rate, they were able to prove the benefits of the color blue.

Continuous, long-term exposure to these spaces could even have positive effects on cardiovascular health,” comments Cristina Vert, author and researcher on the ISGlobal team. Other studies from the same center have already proven the positive impact of green spaces on health, helping to reduce to risk of obesity, being useful for improving children’s attention, or slowing down the physical decline of people when aging.

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