How the body and the mind are connected How the body and the mind are connected

More than just learning and cognitive development processes, the brain affects many of our daily activities.

The following is a selection of videos from the series on the human brain that addresses how the mind and body interact.

The benefits of smiling

Smiling releases endorphins in our brains, makes us feel good, reduces stress, relaxes our facial muscles and allows us to form bonds.

Gastrophysics, the science of food

The pleasure we get from eating does not just take place on our palates, it also occurs in our brains. The signals we receive with our eyes, ears, nose and memory when we eat also influence how we taste.

What happens to our brain when we fall in love

In the first phases of falling in love, our neurons release dopamine, which induce a feeling of euphoria. What happens in the brain during the other phases of falling in love?

How does sleep affect our brain?

Resting and sleeping well at night is just as important as eating well, exercising and staying hydrated.