How to keep healthy friendships? How to keep healthy friendships?

The good relations with friends rebound on the wellbeing and life quality of any individual. Some tips to cultivate them.

Experts from the Mayo Clinic state that having friends results in an optimum health condition, as they help increasing the sensation of belonging, contributing to reduce the stress, increasing happiness and self-esteem, in addition to being a support during difficult situations.

The investigators indicate that it is advisable to maintain some really close friends and warn that quality is more important than quantity. Likewise, they provide some strategies for promoting friendship:

  • Attend to community events, look for clubs that share your interests or hobbies. Internet can be a good tool for this purpose.
  • Be a voluntary. Offer your talent or work for any cause you like.
  • Make invitations and accept them. Drinking coffee, having lunch, dinner; contacting someone for performing any of the above activities and also accept going out.
  • Go out for a walk. On the path you maybe find neighbors with whom you can start future relations.

Some tips or keys for cultivating your friendships are being kind, listen and be interested in others, showing yourself empathic, be authentic, share your feelings and experiences, and demonstrate that you are a reliable and respectful person.

Take into account

The adults with a strong social support have less risks of suffering from depression, hypertension and an unhealthy body mass index.

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