How to lose weight in a healthy way How to lose weight in a healthy way

How to lose weight in a healthy way

Before 29 June, 2016 Activa Mesa de ayuda

Losing weight and dropping sizes is possible if you set yourself goals and transform your lifestyle based on a healthy nutrition and physical activity.


Extreme treatments guaranteeing weight loss are of no use. Stopping eating, failing to include all necessary nutrients in a diet and becoming obsessed with the idea of being thin are the great enemies of health and well-being.

Quick weight loss or radical diets can be dangerous mechanisms for the human body. A lack of essential foods can unchain several health problems. If a food plan advises a severe cutback in your calorie intake or suggests resorting to vomiting or laxatives, it is not good for your body. The desire to look good can lead to dangerous complications.

“Extreme behaviors are a sign that something is not right. Losing weight can become an obsession that can take a human being’s life”, pointed out nutritionist Marcela Ramos.


Another common problem that occurs with dieting, is that people want quick results, within a given timeframe, instead of engaging in healthy lifestyle routines based on a proper nutrition. Losing weight and controlling your weight are tasks that must be sustained over time.  You should think about staying active and following a food regime to achieve well-being, strength and energy. It is also about incorporating physical activities and healthy eating habits during your mealtime.

During this process, it’s important to keep in mind that pant sizes and the numbers on the scale don’t have the final say. It is also important to look at other indicators, such as the body mass percentage and people’s ability to feel comfortable and happy with the way their body has changed.

How to manage your expectations?

  1. Weight loss treatments are more efficient and safe when they are supervised by professionals who guide and support people based on their experience in the fields of nutrition, sports or psychology.

  2. Using stairs instead of elevators, choosing to walk instead of driving, and sharing a healthy routine with a friend or your partner are some healthy behaviors that will allow your body to obtain more benefits and increase the effectiveness of a food plan.

  3. One of the main motivations to tackle this new health challenge is to think about how you are investing in your personal well-being, staying active, taking care of your health.

  4. A diet, for example, should never be perceived as an obligation. Instead, it should be visualized as a path to achieve greater vitality.

  5. It is vital that you understand during this process that every effort you make is meant to improve your quality of life and that will affect all other facets.