How to lower your salt intake How to lower your salt intake

How to lower your salt intake

All natural 17 February, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

While salt is commonly found in most kitchens because of the flavor it adds to different foods, using it to an excess can lead to health problems. 

It is therefore important to maintain a diet that is low in salt and find alternatives that help to reduce its use over time.

In maintaining a low sodium diet, nutritionist and physician Gloria Patricia Abad recommends avoiding the excess consumption of deli meats, canned foods and sauces as these types of foods tend to contain large amounts of sodium, which is used as a preservative. Another key recommendation is to avoid having a salt shaker on the table in order to not add salt to foods after they have been prepared.

One of the most effective strategies for reducing your salt intake is to use herbs and spices, which help bring out the flavor of foods without using too much salt. The following video includes six natural salt substitutes that will help you maintain a healthy diet.



Keep in mind
If you experience a health problem that requires you to manage your fat and salt intake, it is best to see a professional nutritionist and dietitian to learn more about how to do so.


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