How to prepare an intelligent snack? How to prepare an intelligent snack?

Learn about some ways to transform healthy snacks into a part of your daily routine.

The  TeensHealth Portal in the Nemours pediatric health system provides some tips:

Prepare them. When preparing something by yourself, you control the ingredients. You can have a variety of fruits and vegetables at home and keep the serves in bags in the refrigerator.

Carrying them. Converting into a habit to put any fruit, whole crackers or small carrots in your purse, before leaving home.

Create them. Whole or rice crackers with peanut butter and raisins or fruit yoghurt with low fat content and granola are nutritious options.

Obtain information. Reading information about serves. An apparently small pack of crackers can contain two or more serves, this is twice or three times the amount of fat, calories and sugar provided on the label.

Take into account that is natural to feel more hunger at certain times, for example, during a long afternoon of classes or an exhausting labor journey. Therefore, it is important to know what amount of food your body needs to satisfy your hunger.

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