How to start doing outdoor physical activities again How to start doing outdoor physical activities again

Take advantage of the opportunity to exercise in public places while taking the necessary precautions.

Thinking of everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing, we have gradually been allowed to start exercising outdoors again. For the time being, this only applies to open, public spaces.

As explained by EFE Salud, doing physical activity outdoors provides multiple health benefits. The feeling of freedom has a positive impact on our self-esteem and improves our state of mind. Enjoying moments in the sun also provide the body with the vitamin D our musculoskeletal system needs, and active movement reduces the risk of heart conditions.

When going out to exercise, keep these things in mind:

  • Only one person per household can go out at a time.
  • The maximum time to leave your house is one hour.
  • Children can go out for half an hour.
  • Adults over 60 cannot leave the house.
  • You must exercise within the specified times.
  • You need to use a mask.
  • You must stay at least 2 meters away from others and stay hydrated.

The Colombian Ministry of Health announced that in some cities riding a bicycle, jogging, running or doing yoga individually is permitted. These exercises cannot be done outside a radius of more than 1 kilometer from your house, and when you get home, you must follow the relevant prevention protocols, such as washing your hands properly, not touching your eyes or nose, and taking off and washing your clothes.

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