How to support friends and family who suffer from depression How to support friends and family who suffer from depression

Depression is a common condition that must be monitored. Most people that suffer from it need treatment. To help a loved one during this time, it is important to understand what cause it.

Everyone goes through times of sadness, but these feelings are generally temporary and go away in a few days. Depression is different, however. According to the National Mental Health Institute, many people in a depressive state often do not seek treatment, even though this condition can be improved with adequate professional assistance.

Research on this condition has helped develop medication, psychotherapy and other treatment methods as alternatives to treating patients.

Symptoms that can determine the severity of depression:

  •       Frequent sadness and a loss of interest in enjoyable activities, including a loss of interest in the opposite sex.
  •       Fatigue and low energy with completing tasks.
  •       Insomnia or sleeping more than usual.
  •       Difficulty concentrating or making your own decisions.

How to help a loved one:

Educate yourself. Read up on depression and its symptoms and treatments. Try to comprehend how your family member or friend feels. This will help you understand how to best help the person.

Provide emotional support. Always be present and available to help. A depressed person needs a lot of patience and understanding. One of its most prominent feelings is loneliness.

Encourage therapy. Reassure the person that treatment will help alleviate symptoms and get their life back.

Help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, people who are depressed stop taking care of their lives and their bodies. Cooking or doing a physical activity together can help.

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