How to treat a lazy eye How to treat a lazy eye

How to treat a lazy eye

Armony in health 22 March, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

A lazy eye occurs when the vision of one eye does not develop normally during early childhood.

As children grow, their vision system changes until it is completely developed. In normal vision, both eyes can see equally. But when the vision of one eye is worse than the other, this is called amblyopia, commonly referred to as “lazy eye.”

If this condition is detected early enough during childhood, it can be cured. This is why up to age seven, children should see an ophthalmologist regularly in order to detect any patterns that are indicative of a visual problem. Children’s vision can be treated during this stage of life and the conditions that affect them, such as amblyopia or myopia (which is more common), can be improved.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, treatment can first start by using lenses that correct the eye’s ability to focus. If this technique does not show improvement, however, it may be necessary to use patches, which stimulate the vision of the weak eye. In cases where the causes of amblyopia are more severe, such as with cataracts, surgery should be considered.