How to treat a migraine at home How to treat a migraine at home

Migraines are recurring headaches that are often triggered by specific factors.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, some of the factors that trigger this condition include certain changes in the weather or the environment, overexertion from physical activity, tobacco, skipping meals, or eating certain foods such as chocolate, aged cheese, certain fruits and nuts, fermented products, pickled foods, cured or processed meats and alcohol.

Migraine headaches can be throbbing or sharp and often occur with symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. They are often preceded by an aura, which is when the person can see intermittent, bright light or zigzag lines.

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Making certain preventative measures part of your daily lifestyle is key to preventing and treating migraine episodes. To prevent them from occurring too frequently, the Mayo Clinic recommends doing relaxation exercises, getting enough sleep, and identifying associated risk factors, especially those related to certain foods that should be avoided.

Upon the onset of their first symptoms, the suggestion is to rest in a dark and quiet space, take a pain reliever as soon as possible and use methods such as applying an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on your neck or rubbing the area where the pain is with your fingers. In order to identify the risk factors that may be associated in each case it is also recommended to keep a journal about your headaches, including the medications, vitamins, foods or activities that you did during the day.