Ideas for cooking with the kids at home Ideas for cooking with the kids at home

Take care of your children by offering them healthy, quality food and teaching them how to make good food choices.

Maintaining physical wellbeing requires multiple efforts, many of them related to nutrition. Controlling what you and your family eat is the first step to staying healthy in many ways, reducing the likelihood of disease and even helping to keep you happy and active.

For children, it is a fundamental step since they need key nutrients to contribute to their correct growth and development. This is why it is necessary to offer them healthy options that guide them from a young age to make better decisions at mealtimes.

The website, from the American Academy of Family Physicians, emphasizes, for example, teaching children to eat when they are hungry, not when they are bored, sad, or angry. It is not about restricting or banning food, but maintaining a balance between good and bad in order to develop food intelligence.

You can also choose to present the food in a fun way, with bright colors or by transforming the food into things that may seem attractive to a child. One option could be to draw happy faces with the ingredients, mold them into animal shapes, or use the colors to imitate rainbows. The idea is to be creative.

Here are some nutritional tips from the report:

  • Make an effort to have more home-cooked meals.
  • Let your children help you prepare meals and snacks.
  • Keep more healthy snacks like fruit and whole grains on hand.
  • Use a variety of ingredients from all major food groups, such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein sources, low-fat dairy, and whole grains.

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